SEO Friendly Hosting and Data Management

SEO services today rely on mechanical function more than ever before.

Fast, updated and secure hosting is not a luxury and longer – it’s a necessity.

Long gone are the days when stuffing keywords, building oodles of links and little else allowed you to win in the game of organic search. Nowadays, helpful, original content, quality links and great website performance all work together to set you apart from your competition.

Reputation Management Partners understands and has made available a hosting solution built to improve your competitive position by enhancing your web security and performance. We host hundreds of companies providing a platform to improve their SEO if it’s a priority. We provide:

    • 100% up time – reliability means your site dies not “go down”
    • Monthly Word Press Updates – improves your speed and security
    • Security – we scan for Malware every three hours
    • Regular Backups – we never say never – your site will be backed up daily
    • Word Press Updates – when updates occur – your site is updated

All these hosting services combine to improve your SEO performance, enhancing the content you post, the links you build and reviews you publish to enhance your reputation management program.

A complete list of Managed WordPress Hosting Services includes:

    • Additional weekly backups of files and database.
    • We update all WordPress core updates, plugin updates.  We can do the theme software updates, but you may have to give us access to your theme’s account. 
    • Before all updates, we pull a backup in case any updates take your site down.
    • We offer not just our cloud backup, but if you have Dropbox account we can also send a backup there at the same time.
    • We add a CDN to offload the files for a faster site, for google ratings
    • We will re-setup WordFence and the firewall to work with our new security settings
    • We will add an image optimizer to make all of your files at peak size for faster browsing. (Good for google ratings and just good best practice.)
    • We will do monthly malware scans for malicious code/hacks.
    • Brute Force Lockout
    • Limit login attempts to block hackers trying to guess your password.
    • File Change Detection
    • Scan plugins, themes and WordPress core files for changes to the code.
    • 404 Lockout – Use 404 detections to stop bots that are scanning for vulnerabilities.
    • Audit Logs
    • Keep detailed logs of every user action from file modifications to settings changes.
    • Email reports of site health – As needed
    • IP Lockout
    • Trigger timed or permanent site bans with both manual and automatic IP controls.
    • Security Key Updater – Another layer of protection by changing security keys on a schedule.
    • Blacklist Monitoring
    • We will check safe web services and warn you if your site has been flagged as unsafe.
    • 2-Factor Authentication – if wanted
    • Use 2-factor authentication to protect your site with both a password and a phone. So you need to do this to log into your dashboard.  Great security option.
    • Remember Me Checked – Set how long the “Remember me” option will keep users logged in to your site.
    • Whitelist IP – Make exceptions to lockout rules and prevent administrators from losing access.
    • Security Tweaks
    • The number 1 reason for website “hacks” or malicious software/code intrusions are due to out of date WordPressinstallations, Plugins and/or themes.

As reputation management professionals, we understand how using your hosting to strengthen your online profile can improve your SEO. We are dedicated to working with Milwaukee and Madison businesses to build the most positive and effective websites and online reputations in Wisconsin.

Email or give us a call to see if there are opportunities to improve your website’s performance.

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